Here's How to Use TikTok, the App Teens Are Obsessed With

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If you have a teenager in your life, you've probably heard of TikTok, an app for creating and sharing short music videos. It's crazy popular, with tens of millions of users, along with plenty of celebrities. After merging with back in August, the app is now the most popular short-form video platform.


Users film themselves lip-synching to their favorite songs. Of course, there are endless ways to make the videos fun and interesting—like adding a dance routine, a funny sketch, or a challenge to involve other users.

Video of the Day

Create your own videos, scroll through the TikTok feed to watch some of the millions of uploaded videos, or search for a specific person or hashtag.

First, you click Pick a Sound to choose a song for your video. You can either browse songs by category or search for a specific song. Tap the play button to hear a preview.


Once you choose a song, the recording screen pops up. Filming is done in segments, which allows you to include different scenes, add effects, or shoot in slow motion. The videos are 15 seconds long, but clips can be strung together to create stories up to 60 seconds long.

When the video is ready, it can be uploaded to your followers or shared in another app. Because if you don't share your TikTok on Instagram and Twitter, does it even exist?