Get Your Smartphones Ready, NBCUniversal Launches ShoppableTV

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Remember the days before fast forwarding through commercials was a thing, and you'd be inundated with advertisements, and you'd sometimes see something you wanted to buy, but you'd either forget about it or have to get in the car and drive to the store and hope for the best? Yeah, life's different now.


NBCUniversal is launching a new feature called ShoppableTV that lets you scan a QR code during NBC programming and commercials. Simply scan a QR code with your smartphone's camera, and you'll be taken to a product page, giving you more information and access to buy the item directly from your phone.

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The purpose of the new feature is to drive direct sales for advertisers, increasing their conversion rates. According to NBCUiniversal, this is the first time QR codes have been used on national TV for that reason.


"By pairing brands with our premium content, owning every stage of the purchase funnel and removing the barriers consumers traditionally encounter between seeing a product and making a purchase, we're giving marketers a direct sales channel to millions of viewers across the country," NBCUniversal's head of marketing Josh Feldman said in a statement.

ShoppableTV will soon be available on NBC, NBC Sports, Telemundo, Bravo, E!, CNBC Prime, and USA Network. Get your smartphones (and bank accounts) ready!