This Smart Coffee Maker Is Basically Like Having a Barista in Your Home

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There's something magical about making the perfect cup of coffee. GEESAA is a smart pour-over automatic coffee maker that replicates how a barista would make your coffee, while offering the convenience and flexibility of always being on your counter top.


According to the Kickstarter, which is currently raising funds, "Designed with a spinning arm to replicate the ideal hand-pouring technique, GEESAA delivers an even, precise and consistent brew, letting you enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee whenever you like!"

In other words, it makes the perfect cup of coffee.

GEESAA's app features fully customizable options, as well as a selection of recipes created by baristas. So, having coffee making skills isn't a requirement, you just need to be able to follow a recipe. Once you find one you like, you can personalize it to your tastes and have it always be consistent. The machine comes in black or white


Here's how it works

GEESAA will retail for $1,000, so now's probably a good time to back the project and get yours for the pledge price of $599.