That Annoying Volume Control Graphic Is Going Away in Apple's iOS 13 Update

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Turning the volume up or down on your iPhone is about to be a lot less annoying. Currently, when you adjust the volume, a volume control display box appears in the middle of your screen.

So, when you're casually watching your friend's dog do something hilarious on Instagram and you need to turn on the sound, the graphic gets in the way of the adorable dog. It's not the end of the world, but you could have missed a key dog moment, and that's frustrating.


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Here's what the graphic looks like now:

Image Credit: Screenshot / Jill Layton

Thankfully, Apple is changing the the graphic in the iOS 13 update, making it a slider on the side of the screen, according to Mashable. The slider won't block your content, so you'll be able to watch endless dog videos unobstructed.

iOS 13 is scheduled to launch in the fall.