A Less Expensive Nintendo Switch Is Coming Soon

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A new version of the Nintendo Switch has been revealed, and it's a lot smaller and less expensive. The Switch Lite is a handheld device, which means you can't connect it to your TV, but it'll fit in your pocket (a big pocket).


The Joy-Con controllers are built right into the device, and the touch display is 5.5-inches, compared to 6.2 inches on the base unit. The Lite is lightweight, as it's designed for gamers on-the-go. It offers the same library of over 2,000 games that work with Nintendo Switch in handheld mode.

Here's a look:

You can access your digital games on multiple systems and transfer your saved data between systems.


The Switch Lite is $100 less than the original Switch at $199.99, and it comes in three colors: yellow, gray, and turquoise.

The Switch Lite will be available for purchase on September 20th, with a Pokémon version out on November 8th.