Uber Now Tracks Rides to Make Sure You're Safe

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Uber has been working on creating a safer environment for drivers and passengers. Last year, the company released a bunch of new safety features, and one more security feature just dropped.


RideCheck is a tool that promises to help riders and drivers when they need it. The tool tracks your Uber ride using GPS and sensors in your phone. The Uber app will check on you if there's an irregular situation occurring—like if there's a prolonged stop at one location or if it looks like you've been in a car accident.

Here's how it works

A notification will be sent asking if everything is OK. When the passenger or driver click the notification, a panel will pop up with the option to call 911, call the Uber safety app, or report a crash. It will also let the user add or change the destination or share the trip with a friend.


Uber is working to add more scenarios to RideCheck—hopefully ones that include notify the app if the driver veers away from the route and destination.