Juul Suspends Most Popular Vaping Flavors

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In response to over 30 people dying from vaping-related lung illnesses, Juul announced that it has suspended the sale of four of its most popular flavors.


The company has removed Mango, Creme, Fruit, and Cucumber flavor pods from its online store, but continues to sell two tobacco flavors, menthol, and mint.

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"As we evaluate what products to submit for PMTA, we will continue to develop scientific evidence to support the use of these flavored products, coupled with strict measures to combat underage use, as we believe these products can play an important role in helping adult smokers move away from combustible cigarettes," Juul explained in a statement.


Many believe the company isn't going far enough to help teens kick their dangerous vaping habit, considering mint is one of the most popular flavors.

Parents have reported that vaping causes aggressive behavior, shortness of breath, a drop in grades, and other awful effects in their kids. Juul and other e-cigarette brands are toxic and highly addictive, and they're negatively affecting kids and teens. Something more needs to be done.