The iOS 14 iMessage Updates That'll Make Group Texting Easier

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Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday (virtually) where the latest updates to the iPhone's operating system were announced. iOS 14 won't be available until sometime in September, but there are some useful new features to look forward to within the iMessage app.


Instead of scrolling through all your conversations to find a specific person to text, you can pin the ones you access the most at the top of iMessage. If you choose to pin a conversation in a group chat, you can see the three most recent people who have responded. Up to nine conversations can be pinned at one time, and they'll sync across all platforms.

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Other iMessage updates are all about making group texting less annoying. A new mentions feature lets you tag someone in a group chat to get their attention.


You can also change your settings to only be alerted when you're mentioned, instead of receiving a notification every time someone responds or likes a message.

iOS 14 will also include inline replies, allowing you to reply to a specific message within the group chat to create a thread. This makes it a lot easier to follow a conversation you're involved in rather than scrolling through everyone's messages.


Additionally, new Memoji styles and stickers are coming to iOS 14, including more options for ages, hairstyles, expressions, headwear, professions, hobbies, and face coverings (like a mask).

Of course, these new features won't be released until September. But if you want to get a head start, you can download the public beta when it launches in July.