Facebook Messenger Is Sliding Into Instagram's DMs

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All of Facebook's messaging platforms are merging into one. That includes Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.


Last year, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is working on big merge between all the platforms, which have a total of 2.6 billion users, and this week the company began rolling out the option to connect Messenger with Instagram direct messages.

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"We want to give people a choice so they can reach their friends across these networks from whichever app they prefer," Zuckerberg said.

So, now you can DM people from all the platforms, and the messages will appear in one box, instead of having to switch back and forth between apps.


If you aren't interested in having your messages merged, you can opt out altogether. If you do choose to move forward with the update, you'll notice that Instagram's DMs look similar to Messenger, with message forwarding, custom colors and nicknames, custom emoji reactions, and the ability to customize chat threads.

New features will appear, including vanish mode, which lets you set messages to automatically disappear after they've been seen; Watch Together, giving you the opportunity to watch videos with friends; and selfie stickers, which are a fun hybrid of Boomerang, emojis, and selfies.

The new features are rolling out now.