Cool App Alert: Sleep Talk Recorder

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Sharing a bed with someone who sleep talks can be absolutely terrifying. There you are, peacefully asleep, when your partner starts having a full blown conversation with no one. Sometimes the words make sense, and other times it's just a bunch of gibberish that needs decoding.


Sleep Talk Recorder (iOS, Android) is an app that records any talking that happens in your room while you're asleep (hopefully by you or someone you live with...). Whether it's your partner you want to record, your child, or yourself, the app uses an advanced filtering function to catch sounds, which then triggers the Sleep Talk Recorder technology. So, you end up with short clips of sounds throughout the night, not one long 8-hour recording.


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You can change the settings and filters for sensitivity so it doesn't pick up things like snoring, tossing and turning, or farting. Unless you want to prove to your partner that they do, in fact, snore.

If you want, you can listen to the funniest recordings of all time within the app, which were uploaded by the users. Your recordings are saved so you can go back and listen anytime, but they remain private unless you want to share them. The app is free for Android and iOS with in-app purchase options to unlock all the features.