This Robot Vacuum Cleans Itself When It's Done Cleaning Your Floors

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The only thing better than a smart vacuum that cleans and mops your floors without you needing to lift a finger is one that cleans itself when it's done.


Dreamtech's W10 Dreame Bot is a new robot vacuum that is quite literally a dream. It's an autonomous, intelligent vacuum that uses WiFi to navigate around your home without assistance. In fact, once you set a schedule, you barely have to interact with it at all. Wrapping a vacuum cord around your arm so it doesn't knock everything over doesn't have to be your life.

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Something unique about this vacuum when compared to its competitors is its voice control capabilities. It's compatible with Alexa, which means you can literally not lift a finger (see above) to get the vacuum to do its job.


Another unique feature? The mop pads self clean. You just have to switch out the included sewage tank when needed. So, not only does it mop your floors, it mops itself. The only bummer about the mop is that you can't add soap — it can only use water.

The vacuum can hold a charge for around two and half hours, and after that it'll find its way back to the dock to recharge.


Through the app, you can have the vacuum map your floors so it learns its way around and doesn't miss any rooms. You can also set a "no go" for certain areas or sections of rooms to avoid. The vacuum even knows not to clean areas that shouldn't be vacuumed, like shaggy rugs. Smart, indeed.

The W10 is available at Amazon for $1,089 and currently has a coupon for $100 off.



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