How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Subscription

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Being an Amazon Prime member has a lot of perks. You can get free two-day shipping (or less) on hundred of millions of products, unlimited photo storage, and unlimited video and music streaming.


But amidst all the perks, there are certainly plenty of reasons to cancel your membership. For starters, the company's annual fee recently rose 17% to $139 yearly (or $180 if you pay monthly), and the carbon footprint is large with the enormous amount of packaging and delivery trucks needed. Or perhaps you're just not feeling the benefits of sticking around, and that's totally fine. You can cancel. Check out how to get it done below.


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  1. Sign into Amazon and go to Accounts & Lists in the drop-down section of the upper right corner of the homepage. Click on the Prime Membership tab. You'll see the type of membership you have, the annual cost, the renewal date, and the option to manage your subscription.
  2. Click Manage Membership and then clock End Membership on the bottom of the drop-down menu.
  3. Amazon will try to sway you to stay by informing you of the benefits you'll be missing out on if you leave. Select Keep My Benefits, Cancel My Benefits, or Remind Me Later. If you choose to be reminded later, Amazon will email you three days before your subscription is set to be automatically renew.

Now you'll just have to get in the car and go to Target.