A Dropped LG Phone Won't Turn On

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Even the most careful cellphone user will drop her phone at some point. While cellphones are designed to take some bumps and scrapes, a big drop or a drop on a hard surface may cause the cellphone to not turn on. Before you panic, you can take a few actions to solve the problem yourself that usually gets your LG phone working again.

Power Problems

Sometimes if an LG phone has been dropped, the battery dislodges just enough to prevent a good connection. Open the back of the phone, which on LGs is usually a plate-type back that slides or pops off, and remove the battery. After 10 seconds, replace the battery firmly in the phone, put the plate back on and turn on the phone.

Water Issues

If an LG phone was dropped in water and will not turn on, you may be able to save the phone. Remove the back plate by popping or sliding it off, and remove the battery. Remove the SIM card from the side of the phone by pushing it in and pulling it out when it pops out a little. Set everything aside and let air dry for a minimum of 24 hours before putting the phone back together and turning it on.


Sometimes after you have dropped an LG phone, the screen will lock up and the phone will not accept any input. Once you turn it off in cases like this, it will not turn on again. You need to reset the LG phone by removing the backing and taking out the battery. Leave the battery out of the phone for a few minutes before replacing it and turning on the phone. Typically, this will fix the problem.

Warranty and Replacement

If any of these fixes did not work, you may need to replace your LG phone. Depending upon who you bought your LG phone from and when, it may still be under warranty. Contact LG by phone, email or on their website with the phone's model number and your personal information. Even if it is not covered under warranty, LG can help you solve the problem or find an affordable LG replacement phone.

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