How to Replace a Samsung Phone Battery

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You may need to replace your Samsung cell phone battery due to water damage or due to the battery being unable to hold a full charge. There are many models of Samsung cell phones on the market—you need to determine which model you have in order to find the proper replacement battery. You will also need to remove the old battery before being able to insert the new Samsung phone battery.


Step 1

Determine which Samsung phone you have. Locate the model number of the phone on the phone itself, usually underneath the battery. You can also find the model number by looking in the cell phone user manual. The model number is generally printed inside the phone under the battery. Proceed to Step 3 to remove the old battery.


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Step 2

Purchase a replacement battery. Visit your cell phone service provider's store to get a replacement—or you can find the right battery online (see References). Most Samsung battery replacements cost less than $20 U.S.

Step 3

Turn off the cell phone completely before attempting to remove the old cell phone battery. Make sure the phone is clean and dry.


Step 4

Remove the back cover of the cell phone. Some Samsung phones have a plastic outer cover over the battery, while on other models the back of the phone is the back of the battery itself. Locate the release button or slider on the back of the phone. Depending on the Samsung phone model, the back cover or battery itself will slide downward or lift off when the release button is pressed or the slider is pushed upward.


Step 5

After removing the back cover on phones that have a cover, carefully lift the battery up and out of the back of the cell phone. For phones without the back cover, once you push the release or move the slider lock, the battery itself is the back and will come off the back of the phone.

Step 6

Insert the new battery into the back of the phone. You may need to slide the battery in with the top part going in first. The metal contact points on one side of the battery should be facing downward and line up with the metal contact points on the inside of the phone. Once the battery is in place, it should click into place. If you have a back cover, slide the cover back on until the release button or slider clicks back into place.


Step 7

Charge the cell phone after putting the new battery in before turning the phone on. New batteries will require a charging period before use.

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