How to Locate My Cell Phone Antenna

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If you are having some poor signal problems with your cell phone, you may be looking for ways to boost the signal. In order for most signal boosters to work, you must attach the signal booster to your cell phone antenna. If you are not familiar with cell phone antennas, your phone could have one of three types of antennas. Locating your cell phone antenna is easiest if you have an external antenna on your cell phone instead of a built-in antenna.


Step 1

Close your phone, if you have a flip phone. Look at the top of the phone to see if you have a long, protruding piece on one side. This is sometimes referred to as a stub antenna. If so, you have a fixed external antenna on the phone. An example of such a phone is the LG VX8300.

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Step 2

Feel along the top of your phone to see if you have a piece on one end that you can pull and extend up. Sometimes the top of the phone will be flat except that you can pull up this extendable antenna. Other phones, such as the Motorola V710, have a stub antenna that features an extendable antenna.


Step 3

Remove the battery on your phone if you cannot locate an external antenna. This means that your phone has an internal antenna. Usually phones with internal antennas you can find an antenna port under the battery. EVDO Info has a list of where to find antenna ports on some popular cell phone models on their website. (See Resources.)




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