Acer Aspire Notebook Troubleshooting

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For many years Acer has been a popular name in the world of computers, and the products the company makes are widely used in both homes and businesses. The Aspire line of Acer laptops has been particularly popular, and for the most part these laptops can provide many years of trouble-free service. As with any computer, however, it is important for owners to know what to do when there is a problem with the Aspire laptop.


Hard Disk Failure Messages

Acer Aspire owners may encounter a message indicating that no fixed disk is present. While this message can be caused by a number of things, it is often an indication that the hard drive has failed or soon will. The best way to verify the status of the hard drive is to restart the computer and press the "F2" key during startup. Once the setup utility comes up, go to the diagnostic menu and run a test on the hard drive. If the hard drive shows physical errors it will need to be replaced. Try to boot your laptop again, and if you are able to log on be sure to back up your personal data immediately.


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Date and Time Errors

If a date and time error is noted when starting your Acer Aspire, press the "F2" key to enter the setup utility and set the date and time. Be sure to watch the date and time listed on the lower right hand side of the system tray each time you log on. If the laptop continues to lose time or the date and time error reoccurs, the internal CMOS battery may be failing. This battery will need to be replaced by an authorized Acer service center.


Display Problems

If the display on your Acer Aspire laptop is blank and you are using a docking station or an external monitor, press the "F5" function key to toggle the display back to the laptop display. If the display still does not come on, use the "F6" and "F7" keys to adjust the brightness levels. If adjusting the brightness level does not work, look at the power indicators on the front of the unit and make sure they are lit. If the power indicators are not lit, check the status of the AC power on the laptop. Your battery power may be running low, and connecting the laptop to AC power should allow it to start normally.





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