Advantages & Disadvantages of a Mobile IP

With many individuals using their laptops on the go, there is an increased demand for mobile wireless Internet solutions. Many laptop users travel between wireless zones and require a method to maintain an IP address that is unique so other machines can find them. These mobile devices function by taking advantage of mobile IPs and administering them to the laptop to use for accessing the Internet. The invention has allowed users to roam freely between wireless connection zones. This method of Internet access has several advantages and disadvantages.

Mobile IPs help users use their laptops and wireless devices on the go.


A mobile IP address allows users to connect to the Internet without a normal static or dynamic IP address through the use of a unique mobile IP address. This unique address lets the computer connect through a network to a home IP address but still utilize and communicate with the network's protocol. Having a unique IP is important for routing information to the correct computer. In short, if it were not for mobile IPs, information would continue to be routed to the last known IP address at which that computer was located, and a seamless connection would be impossible.


IP creation on the go is the only way that users can access the Internet while away from a traditional modem/router setup. Mobile IP addresses create a tunnel to a host server, which allows an access point to the Internet from any location where a signal can be received. Mobile IPs can create connection protocols to connect to the Internet through multiple servers and networks. A mobile IP address allows users to roam through multiple networks and maintain an IP address. This option is useful for employees who travel throughout a building and cross into multiple wireless zones.

Spotty Internet Availability

Spotty Internet availability is still something that plagues mobile users. A mobile IP requires a strong signal to connect to the Internet. In major metropolises, signals are easily obtained, and a mobile IP will be able to roam between networks with little problem at all. In many urban areas, however, coverage is still sparse, and strong signals are difficult to come by. In general, the stronger the signal, the faster and more reliable the connection will be. In the case of a weak signal, it is typical for the connection to be slow and unstable.