Advantages of a Mini-Computer

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Miniature computers, sometimes referred to as mini netbooks, are small, lightweight laptops. Mini computers offer many of the same features as traditional computers, such as USB ports and webcams, but unlike traditional computers, they may not have a CD drive or be able to run certain programs. Despite their small size, miniature computers rise above simply being tiny, offering a variety of benefits to users.



Mini computers range in price from $250 to $500, as of September 2010. For computer users on a budget, therefore, mini computers are a money-saving alternative to traditional laptops. Mini computers generally come with a webcam and word-processing software, as well as many other features of traditional laptop computers, but without the high price.


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Mini computers range in size from 12 inches in width to less than seven, This small size is especially attractive to students, who may need to use their computers on small desks during class, and to travelers with limited space in small airplane seats. Mini laptops are also useful for home users, who may dislike sitting at a desk for long periods of time with a traditional desktop computer. Home computer users may enjoy the ability to listen to music or browse the Internet while cooking in the kitchen, lying in bed or sitting on the couch.



Mini computers fit neatly in laptop bags, backpacks or purses, and are incredibly lightweight. Some mini laptops weigh as little as two pounds, which eliminates the shoulder or back pain often associated with carrying a heavy laptop. Mini computers are a convenient choice for anyone who wants Internet access without the annoyance of lugging a heavy laptop around.