Bose AWRC-1G Specs

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The Bose Wave AWRC-1G is a combination radio and CD player that the Bose Corp. released in 2000. While the AWRC-1G is discontinued as of 2011, you can still purchase the radio/CD player on the secondhand market. Several specifications of the Bose AWRC-1G stand out as examples of its performance capabilities and design.


Waveguide Specs

As a "Wave" radio/CD player, the Bose AWRC-1G relies on patented acoustic Waveguide technology. This technology employs a long, folded tube, known as a Waveguide, which carries energy from an internal loudspeaker out to the air surrounding the unit. The main benefit of Waveguide technology is that it allows for deeper -- or lower -- bass notes, which contributes to a richer overall sound.


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Physical Specs

The Bose AWRC-1G relies on a 27-inch Waveguide, the folded nature of which allows the radio/CD player to maintain a relatively compact size. The Bose AWRC-1G is 14 inches wide by 8.5 inches deep by 4.38 inches high. With its CD player empty, the unit weighs 7.4 lb. A visual display on the front of the Bose AWRC-1G allows users to view textual information, such as track numbers and volume levels. This display has an adjustable brightness and automatically dims during nighttime.


CD Specs

The CD player component of the Bose AWRC-1G provides a variety of play modes. These include a continuous mode, for playing tracks in order; a random mode, for playing tracks out of order; and a repeat mode, for playing the same track over and over. In terms of compatibility, the Bose AWRC-1G's CD player can handle commercial, pressed CDs as well as CD-Rs and CD-RWs; including those containing MP3 tracks.


Tuner Specs

For receiving radio transmissions, the Bose AWRC-1G includes an FM and AM tuner. The tuner can accommodate six station presets for each broadcast band, allowing users to store and recall their favorite radio stations. The Bose AWRC-1G's tuners also provide a seek function, which enables the unit to search for the next available radio station.


Power Specs

The Bose AWRC-1G has a power rating of 120 volts, 50/60 hertz and 50 watts. While the voltage specification refers to the difference in electrical potential -- or electromotive force -- allowing the unit to transmit one ampere of current against one ohm of resistance; the hertz specification refers to the frequency with which the unit can transmit current in cycles per second. The wattage of the Bose AWRC-1G is a reference to how much energy, or work, the unit requires during operation.



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