Bose Sounddock: How to Replace the Original Power Supply

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Bose has released four SoundDock speaker systems for the iPod at the date of publication: the SoundDock, SoundDock II, SoundDock Portable and the SoundDock 10. Each of the speaker systems use a power cord for the power supply. In addition to the power cord, the SoundDock Portable uses a rechargeable battery as a power source. You can replace a power supply for the SoundDock if yours is lost or broken.

Step 1

Check the bottom or back of your Bose SoundDock for a sticker with a serial number on it. The serial number is needed when ordering a replacement power supply.

Step 2

Contact Bose Product Support at 877-210-3782 Monday through Friday, between 8:30 am and 10:00 pm EST; or Saturday, between 9 am and 7:00 pm EST. Tell the service representative that you are in need of a replacement power supply, and provide him with the serial number of your SoundDock. Replace power sources are not available online.

Step 3

Pull the power supply cord out of the back of any of the Bose SoundDock systems and plug the small end of the replacement power cord into the "DC" connector.

SoundDock Portable Battery

Step 1

Navigate to the Bose website if you are replacing the power supply for the SoundDock Portable, and purchase a replacement lithium-ion battery.

Step 2

Press in on the knob on the back of the SoundDock Portable and turn it to the left to unlock the battery.

Step 3

Pull the old battery away from the SoundDock Portable system.

Step 4

Turn the knob on the back of the replacement battery so that the slot in the middle of the knob is horizontal.

Step 5

Slide the replacement battery onto the back of the SoundDock Portable, taking care to line up the connector at the bottom of the unit with the pins on the battery.

Step 6

Turn the knob on the back of the battery to the right to lock it.