How to Find Out the Nokia Serial Number in the Mobile

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Nokia is one of the largest cell phone companies in the world. The company offers different kinds of mobile phones with different features. Each Nokia mobile phone has its own unique serial number. It is important to know your Nokia cell phone's serial number so that, in case your phone is lost or stolen, you can report it to your phone service provider and give the serial number so they can be able to block your phone, making it totally not usable.


Step 1

Turn off your Nokia mobile before opening the back of your phone. Make sure you disconnect the charger before removing the battery.

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Step 2

Take the back cover off, after pressing the release button. Remove the battery from the back of your Nokia mobile phone.


Step 3

Look at the white label inside your Nokia mobile phone where the serial number is printed. It may follow the letters, such as "ESN," "WLAN," "IMEI" or "MEID." All letters must be written in capital letters. You can usually see 11 digits for "ESN," 12 characters (letters and numbers) for "WLAN," 15 digits for "IMEI," and 14 or 15 characters (letters and numbers) for "MEID HEX."


Step 4

After writing down the number, you can put back the battery and the back cover, and turn your phone back on.


You can also try other methods to find the serial number.

Turn on your Nokia mobile phone and dial *#06#, then write down the information given for future use. Dialing such code is another way to find out the serial number of your Nokia mobile. It may display the serial number you need depending on the mobile you have. Some phones may not show the serial number when you enter the code given.

Try to dial *#92702689# on your mobile phone for it may show the serial number, date it was made, purchase date, date of last repair and transfer user data. Write down the information shown for your personal records. You need to turn your mobile off to exit from this mode and turn it on again to use.

Check the original sales package or box of your Nokia mobile. You can see the serial number usually on top of the box. You can also look for the serial number written on your proof of purchase, such as receipt or contract.

If necessary, contact your phone service provider about how to find your Nokia mobile’s serial number.



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