Can You Burn Pictures on a DVD+R Disk?

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Pictures can be burned onto a DVD+R disk.

DVD+R disks are a type of media that allows information to be burned onto them by using a computer's DVD burner. Among the files that can be burned onto them are those that contain pictures.



A DVD+R is a type of burnable DVD that can only be burned once (meaning information cannot be erased and then re-recorded at a later date) and has 4.7 gigabytes of storage available.


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Picture Files

There are a variety of file extensions that are associated with pictures. The most common are .jpeg, .tiff, .png, .gif and .bmp. The different varieties of file formats allow for the photo to compress in different ways, meaning files can be a wide variety of sizes.


Burning Pictures

Computers have programs built-in that will allow users to burn photos onto a blank DVD+R disk. For Windows, the computer's burning wizard will pop up as soon as you enter a blank DVD+R disk into your disc drive. For a Mac, users will have to locate the burner by opening the "Finder," clicking "Applications" and then "Utilities," opening the "System Profiler" and then clicking on the option for "Disc Burning."





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