Cerwin Vega VS-120 Specifications

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The Cerwin Vega company makes high-end speakers for home and professional use. They bill themselves as "The Loud Speaker Company," aiming to manufacture speakers that push the limits of volume. In the early 1990s, they produced a series of speakers carrying the "VS" designation. Part of this line was the VS-120 speakers. They aren't made anymore but can be found for sale online from various secondhand sources.


Physical Characteristics

The total weight of these speakers is around 60 pounds. They were classified as "floorstanding" speakers, meaning they were not designed to be mounted or placed on a stand. This heft and design gave itself nicely to allowing these two speakers to flank an available audio source.


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Power and Bass

The Cerwin Vega VS-120 speakers came with a 3-way bass reflex system to combat the loud bass rumblings the speakers were capable of producing. The power input of the VS-120s was 255 watts at 8 ohms. This could be increased with the installation of after-market components designed to enhance power consumption.



Speaker Components

The Cerwin Vega VS-120s came with the traditional speaker components of a woofer, a mid-range component and a tweeter. The woofer on the VS-120 had a diameter of 12 inches. The mid-range speaker was 4 inches in diameter while the tweeter's diameter was 1 inch.




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