1997 Bayliner Capri Specs

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Bayliner Marine of Arlington, Washington is a leading manufacturer of recreational boats from runabouts to small yachts. They used the Capri name for boat models of various forms from the mid 1980s though 2002. These boats encompassed sizes from runabouts of 13 feet in length to cruisers in the 23 foot range and had various power plants of either outboard motors or inboard/outdrive stern drives. In 1997, the Bayliner Capris came in six different sizes.


17 Feet

The smallest of the Capri line in 1997 was the 1750. It was 16.75 feet long and 84 inches wide. The boat weighed approximately 1,500 lbs. without fuel and passengers and came with two outboard power options of 75 and 120 horsepower.

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18 Feet

Slightly larger were the 1850 and 1854 models. These boats were powered by inboard engines with outdrives that could be either 135 or 190 horsepower. They weighed in at 2,250 to 2,325 lbs. depending on the engine and trim package selected. The 1850 was a standard runabout while Bayliner called the 1854 a sports runabout and it was set up specifically for fishing and skiing. The boats in this class were 18.33 feet long with a beam of 86 inches.


19 Feet

The nineteen foot version of the Capri in 1997 came in the 1950 model or the 1952, which had a small cuddy cabin. They were 18.67 feet in length and had a beam of 90 inches. The model 1950 weighed 1925 pounds while the cabin version weighed 2,125 lbs. Both came with a 135 horsepower stern drive.

20 Feet

In 1997 the 2050 and 2052 series Capri models were inboard/outboard runabouts of 19.58 to 20.17 feet in length respectively. They were 90 inches wide and weighed 2,360 to 2,700 lbs. dry and empty. Engine options were 135, 190 or 205 horsepower.


22 Feet

The 22 foot model of the 1997 Capris was the 2252. It had a length of 22.25 feet and weighed about 4,000 lbs. At its widest point, this boat was 101 inches across. Engine options were a 190, 210 or 220 horsepower inboard/outboard.

23 Feet

The largest of the Capri line were the 2350 and 2352 which were 22.5 feet long and 101 inches wide. These boats weighed 3,875 to 4,240 lbs. depending on engine and trim. Bayliner called the 2350 a large runabout while the 2352 was a day cruiser. They both came with inboard engines of 210, 250 or 300 horsepower.