List of Televisions That Are Made in America

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Buying televisions made in America can support the local American economy. Some major TV manufacturers make or assemble a few of their TV sets in the United States. A few smaller manufacturers have their entire company operations based in the U.S., where they design and assemble new TV sets.



As of the date of this publication, Olevia is a U.S. based company that manufactures LCD and LED TVs. The LCD TVs come in 32 and 42-inch display screens. Each model has an Energy Star rating. The 42-inch model has a full 1,080p display. The LED series ranges from 22 to 42-inches in size. You can also purchase a 32-inch model with a built-in DVD player. Each LED model has Dolby Digital sound and a 1,080p display.


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Silo Digital

Silo Digital, owned and operated in California, creates TVs and computer monitors. As of the date of this publication, Silo Digital manufacturers both LCD and LED TV models. The LED model ranges in size from 24 to 47-inches. The LCD models range in size from 32 to 55-inches. Several models have 1,080p display output. Silo Digital also manufactures a 3D LED television.


Phillips Magnavox

Phillips Magnavox is company owned in the Netherlands with manufacturing plants in several locations worldwide, including Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand, China and the U.S. While the majority of Phillips Magnavox's TV models are assembled overseas, some projection TV models are assembled in the U.S.



Panasonic is based in Japan, but has manufacturing plants in Malaysia, the U.S. and a few other countries. While many Panasonic TV models are assembled in Malaysia, the company does sell a few TV models assembled in the U.S. For example, some 20-inch TV/VCR combination TVs are assembled in the U.S.



Vizio, a California-based company, manufacturers LCD and LED HDTVs as well as TV accessories and other electronics, such as tablet PCs. Both the LCD and LED TVs range from 16 to more than 50 inches. Vizio also manufactures an LED TV with 3D capabilities.



The Sharp Electronics Corporation, based in New Jersey, is a division of the original Sharp company based in Japan. The Sharp Electronics Corporation manufactures and sells LCD and LED televisions up to 80 inches in size. The company also makes television accessories such as Blu-ray players and DVD players.



While Toshiba is a Japan-based company, the TV manufacturer assembles some televisions models in the U.S. For example, the SuperTube TV and Flat Tube HDTV carry a Made-in-the-USA label. Some models of plasma TVs are also made in the USA.