Common Problems With a Toshiba LCD TV

Common Problems With a Toshiba LCD TV
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Toshiba has a reputation for quality, and its LCD TVs stand at the forefront of home entertainment technology. But no product is perfect, and like a lot of other TVs, Toshiba's LCD have a few issues. Many of them can be corrected easily, however, provided you understand the core of the problem and know Toshiba's recommended steps for correcting it.


Toshiba LCDs sometimes have an issue with ghosting, whereby fast-moving images appear to lag on the screen. The problem is common to many LCD TVs, and Toshiba has done a better job of addressing it than most, but the lag can still be distracting--especially during fast-moving action films and sports games that involve a lot of motion.

Image Resolution

Some customers have complained about deceptive advertising on certain Toshiba LCD TVs. Specifically, models that promise 1080p image resolution, which as of 2009 is the highest definition, sometimes fall short of that mark. Instead, they provide only 1080i resolution, which is close, but not quite as sharp and clear as 1080p. Speak to the salesman directly about Toshiba's screen resolution and make sure it adheres to the implied specifications.

Viewing Angles

Like many other LCD TVs, Toshiba sets may suffer when viewed from an angle. The farther one goes from a straight viewing of the set, the more difficult it becomes to see the image. Newer Toshiba LCD TVs have taken steps to address the issue, but in situations where you want the entire room to see the TV, you may wish to consider a Toshiba plasma screen TV instead.

Black Bars

Toshiba LCD TVs use an aspect ratio of 16:9, wider than the old 4:3 ratio of tube TVs. That allows widescreen movies and other programs to be shown as they were originally intended, but they can also create black bars at the top or the bottom of the screen if the show you're watching doesn't conform to the television's aspect ratio. They shouldn't harm the screen, but if they distract you, you can adjust them by pressing the Pic Size button on the remote control. A series of options will come up, each with a corresponding number. Simply press the number for the ratio you want. You may need to experiment a bit to determine which one looks best. The image should conform to the proper size.


Toshiba LCD TVs feature lock options that let you lock out certain channels, certain input jacks and even the front panel on the TV set itself. If they're activated inadvertently, they can cause problems tuning into particular stations or using other components in conjunction with your TV. You can fix the problem by pressing the Menu button on the remote and then using the left and right arrow buttons until you reach the "Locks" option. From there, you lock and unlock all of the TV's various features at will. If you've entered a PIN code into your Toshiba TV, you'll need to enter it again to make any changes.