How to Connect the Comcast Cable Box

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Installing Comcast to your television requires connecting just a few wires in a moment's time to enable crystal clear cable programming. It is recommended that you have a technician come out and install the system to ensure that everything works and there is no signal issue in your home. In some cases though you may need to install the box yourself. An example is if you are changing rooms or changing the location of your television to another wall and can not use the same cable jack.

Installing the Cable Box with Coaxial Cable

Step 1

Place the cable box near the television. Locate the cable coming out of the wall.

Step 2

Screw the cable coming out of the wall to the back of the box. The inlet will be labeled "RF In." Tighten the cable snugly.

Step 3

Install a cable from the "RF Out" terminal to the "Cable In" terminal in back of the television. The terminal will be a threaded stud sticking out in the back of the television. Screw the cable tight to ensure a proper reception.

Step 4

Turn the television on and put it on channel 3. This will be the channel that the cable will broadcast from.

Step 5

Plug the power cord to an electrical outlet. Always plug the power in after setting up the cables.

Step 6

Ensure there are batteries in the remote. The remote will require 2 "AA" batteries. Press "Cable" and press "Power" on the remote to turn the cable box on.

Step 7

Follow the directions included with your remote to program the remote to run the television. This will eliminate the need for two remotes when watching television.

Installing A/V Wires

Step 1

Hook the a/v cables to the cable box. Color code the a/v wires to their correct color on the back of the box. The red wire will match up to the red terminal on the box. The yellow one will hook up to the yellow terminal on the box. The red will hook up to the red terminal.

Step 2

Install the a/v wires to the back of the television. Match the colors to the color of the terminals in the back of the television.

Step 3

Plug the cable box to an electrical outlet. You want to plug in the power after installing the audio/video cables.

Step 4

Press the input button on your television remote to access "Input 1". The screen may say "line 1" when you press the input button.

Step 5

Turn the cable box on through the remote by pressing "Cable" then pressing "Power". Allow the cable box to run through the set-up to initiate the programming.

Things You'll Need

  • Cable box

  • Comcast cable subscription

  • Television with cable input jack


Refer to the remote control directions to program your remote. All remotes and televisions are different. If the standard installation does not work then you can contact comcast at their customer service center and ask for a technical adviser. The number is 1-800-Comcast.

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