CorelDraw Paper-Cutting Mark Tutorial

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CorelDraw graphic design software lets you insert crop marks and bleed marks into any project. These marks tell the printer where to cut the paper and how far to let the image bleed when doing so. You can insert crop and bleed marks through the Print Preview and Print Layout pages. After inserting the crop marks, you must enable them so that the marks appear when the document is printed.


Step 1

Click the File menu and select Print Preview. Select the Marks Placement tool with the crosshair icon.

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Step 2

Click the Auto-position Marks Rectangle button. If the marks are not in the position you want, click the crop-mark icon in the Preview window, then drag the crop marks to the desired position.


Step 3

Select Print from the File menu. Click the Prepress tab in the Print box that appears.

Step 4

Place a check mark next to Crop/fold marks.


Step 5

Open the Print menu. Click the Layout tab in the Print box.


Step 6

Place a checkmark next to Bleed Limit. Enter the amount in inches that you want the image to bleed beyond the crop mark in the Bleed Limit field. For example, if you type "0.25" in the space, the image will bleed 0.25 inches beyond the crop mark.




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