How to Download Microsoft Office 2003 Free Trial

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Microsoft Office 2003 is available as a free 60-day trial download. You can test all aspects of Microsoft Office 2003 fully before you decide to buy. If you decide to buy at the end of the trial, you can purchase an activation key without the need to reinstall the software. Microsoft Office 2003 comes complete with Access, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. Certain versions may not include PowerPoint and Publisher. Microsoft makes downloading the latest trial version of Microsoft Office 2003 a quick and easy process.


Step 1

Visit the website listed in the Resources section titled "Download Microsoft Office 2003."

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Step 2

Press "Download." This will allow you to freely download the Microsoft Office 2003 60-day trial.


Step 3

Press "Save As" when the download begins. Choose a location to save the file to. Press "OK" to begin the download. The download should complete in less than 15 minutes on a broadband connection. Dial-up connections may take up to 1.5 hours.

Step 4

Double-click the installation file to install the free trial. A wizard will take you through the installation.


Step 5

Register with Microsoft when prompted to activate and register your product. If you don't activate, you will be unable to use the software.


Microsoft recommends downloading Office 2007 instead of Office 2003. This is the latest version and the only version available for download from Microsoft. See the Resources link titled “Download Office 2007” to download.


Save a copy of the installation file to a disk or flash drive. This will give you a backup copy in the event of a hard drive failure or virus.