How to Draw a Line Through the Words in Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word features many formatting and editing options. One formatting component that can be helpful in the editing process is the ability to draw a line through words that should be struck from the document. This serves the purpose of letting readers of the document know that the word should be removed, yet it leaves the word there so they can see it.


Step 1

Double-click a Microsoft Word document to open it. If you are starting with a blank document, click "Start," then "All Programs," then select "Microsoft Office" and click on "Microsoft Office Word."

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Step 2

Click at the start or end of a word that you wish to draw a line through, then hold down your mouse button as you drag the mouse to select the rest of the word.


Step 3

Click the "Home" tab at the top of the screen.


Step 4

Select the "Strikethrough" icon in the "Fonts" section. Note that the "Strikethrough" icon is displayed as the letters "abc" with a line drawn through them.




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