Homemade Wireless Signal Booster for a Cell Phone

The aggravation of not receiving a good signal on your cell phone may leave you feeling hopeless, but the solution to this frustrating dilemma may be to use a signal booster. Cell phone signal boosters sold at electronics dealerships are rather costly, but making your own is easier and quicker than you may think.

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Tin Can Booster

Using a coffee can or other tin container, along with a few common tools such as solder and pliers, this YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwNZGuKzGWY) shows how a cell phone signal booster can be made in a matter of minutes. In comparison to the hundreds of dollars you could spend purchasing a factory-made signal booster, this method is certainly worth the effort.

Paper Clip Booster

Keep a sturdy paper clip in your car, work desk, kitchen drawer or nightstand. If weak signals are known to occur in any of these places, gently sticking one end of the paper clip into the internal antenna hole or SIM card slot may strengthen your reception. Being careful not to damage the inside of the phone, bend the rest of the paper clip so that it sits flush against the back of the mobile phone. Tape that portion of the clip down with clear tape and check the signal bars on your phone to see if this discreet method has resolved your problem.

Wire Hanger Booster

Another highly successful means of creating your own booster is to straighten a wire hanger, cut it down to a reasonable length with needle-nose pliers and find the internal antenna flap on your phone. After opening the rubber flap, push the end of the hanger into the opening just far enough to sit in it, but not so far that it harms the phone's components. Duct tape can be used to hold the antenna to the phone. Cosmetically awkward as this method may be, if it gives you a signal in an emergency situation, it's surely well worth the odd appearance.

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