Homemade Wireless Signal Booster for a Cell Phone

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Building a wireless signal booster doesn't have to be difficult.
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Although cell phone technology has become nearly ubiquitous in modern society, our "connected" culture certainly hasn't solved all of the problems associated with this hardware. No matter how advanced or sophisticated your smartphone may be, there's a good chance that you have experienced various connection issues at one point or another.

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Whether you find yourself in an area with limited service or simply are trying to use your device in a congested location, there are certain strategies you can use to boost the strength of your wireless signal. In fact, you can make a DIY cell phone signal booster relatively easily using a few actionable steps.

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Building a wireless signal booster doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, you can use a series of homemade materials to create a highly effective cellular booster for your home.

Basics of Signal Boosting

In general, signal boosting is commonly employed as a tactic to improve the strength of the signal being received by your phone hardware. Keep in mind that this does not mean to imply that a booster can fundamentally alter the signal. For example, it is not impossible to use a homemade signal booster to change a signal from 3G to 4G status, for example. However, these homemade boosters have proven to be very effective when deployed in rural environments, where cell phone signals are perpetually spotty.

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It is also important to note that a booster will not be effective if there is a material impediment limiting your access to a signal. So, for example, if you are situated in an underground concrete room, there is no amount of boosting that can improve your signal connectivity.

Building Your Signal Booster

When you decide to build your signal booster, you will likely discover a number of build plans for homemade mobile phone signal repeaters. Although the terminology differs from what you may be used to, this device is identical to a standard signal booster.

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Fundamentally, your objective is as follows: to build a device that has an external (outdoor) and internal (indoor) component capable of "capturing " signal and routing it into your home. In order to do this, you will first need to construct an antenna using a standard iron coat hanger. You will need to conform this antenna to the build specifications found in various online instructions.

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On each of the inward-facing bends, you will need to install an electronic cable connector block. Connect the inward-facing wires to these connectors. As mentioned previously, you will need to build two of these devices, one for the indoor of your home and one for the outdoor.

Once this hardware has been created, you will need to connect the two antennas using a standard TV cable, also referred to as a coaxial cable. Keep in mind that you will also need to create a magnetic shield which is routed between the two electronic cable connectors.

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As a final step, you will need to attach the coaxial cable to the indoor antenna. Strip a section of the coaxial cable long enough to ensure that the cable has five complete twists. This wire will then be directly connected to the electronic connector.

Final Thoughts on Your Signal Booster

Although the description provided here can give you a solid understanding of how these boosters function, you may benefit from additional assistance. Whether you are looking for a 4G signal booster circuit diagram or are interested in consulting with an experienced professional, you can find a variety of helpful resources online.