How Can I Check the Balance on My iTunes Gift Card?

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How Can I Check the Balance on My iTunes Gift Card?
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Whether you buy an iTunes gift card yourself or receive one as a gift, the card may come in electronic form via email or be a physical card. Usually, the card has the initial value written on the front of it or displayed in the gift card email you receive, making it easy to know how much you have before you start making purchases. After you redeem the card to your Apple account, you'll be able to monitor your purchase history and account balance from your Apple ID's account information.

Overview of iTunes Gift Cards

An iTunes gift card allows you to purchase media, books and iOS apps from iTunes, Apple Books and the App Store using your computer or iOS device. You can also use the card to begin or maintain a subscription to Apple Music on your Android phones, iOS devices and computers. An iTunes gift card also works to purchase iCloud plans to upgrade your storage. However, you can't use this type of Apple gift card to buy physical items from the Apple website or a retail Apple Store.

Check Initial Balance by Phone

If your iTunes gift card did not come with information about the initial balance, or you want to find the balance before you redeem it to your Apple account, you can call 800-MY-APPLE. The automated system will ask you to speak your request. Simply mention that you want to check an iTunes gift card balance, and the system will route you to an Apple representative who will ask for the card number and tell you what your card has on it.

Redeem an iTunes Gift Card

Before you can use your iTunes gift card balance or monitor the balance online, you need to add it to your Apple account. There are multiple ways to redeem an iTunes gift card, but the simplest way is through iTunes itself. Before doing so, you'll first need to log in with the Apple ID for the account you want the balance added to.

If you're using iTunes on your computer, click the "Account" menu and select "Redeem." After entering your Apple ID and password to log in, you can either type the gift card code in the box displayed or select the "Use Camera" option to hold a physical card up to your computer's camera and capture the code. After you give iTunes a valid code and confirm you want to redeem it, it will confirm your new Apple account balance. If you're using mobile iTunes, you'll get the same gift card redemption options and go through the same process if you tap "Redeem" at the bottom of the "Music" tab.

Check iTunes Card Balance Online

After redeeming your card, you can see your current Apple account balance in iTunes, Apple Music, Apple Books and the App Store. However, note that your balance may be more than the gift card you just redeemed if you already had some funds in your account. In that case, you'll want to check your purchase history to verify the card amount.

When using iTunes or Apple Books on your computer, go to the app's "Store" page. You can locate your account balance on the top-right corner for iTunes and beside your email address on the right pane on iBooks. On the mobile version of iTunes, you can find your balance if you scroll to the bottom of the "Music" tab. Seeing your balance from the Books mobile app requires tapping your account's profile image on the "Reading Now" tab and selecting "View Account Settings" twice to view your account information along with the Apple ID balance.

To check your iTunes gift card balance in the mobile App Store or Apple Music, you'll need to view your account information. Tap your profile image on the App Store's "Today" tab or Apple Music's "For You" tab. While this will immediately show your Apple ID balance below your email address on the App Store, you'll have to select "View Apple ID" on Apple Music to see your balance alongside other account details.

Track Your iTunes Purchases

The desktop and mobile iTunes apps make it easy to see your purchase history, including the redemption of any gift cards and purchase of digital products and subscriptions across numerous Apple apps. If you're on your computer, select "View My Account" from the "Store" menu, scroll down to "Purchase History" and click "See All" to get a list of previous purchases and transactions. If you're using iTunes on your iOS device, scroll down to the bottom of the app's "Music" tab, tap your Apple ID, select "View Apple ID" and then tap "Purchase History."