How Can I Install Microsoft Excel on My Computer?

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Microsoft Excel, a productivity tool, is the most commonly used spreadsheet program in the world. Excel relies on additive formula mathematics in a common user interface. It is highly customizable, and newer versions even allow limited scripting.

Downloading the Installer

Download the latest trial version of "Microsoft Excel" (see link in Resources), available as part of the Office software suite. The trial version is in fact the full version, just with a limited 60-day run, after that you need to register it. Double-click to download.


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Running the Installer

Make sure you downloaded the installer onto your desktop or somewhere else you can easily find it. Double-click the icon, which is a zip file that runs a download. It begin downloading immediately and installs on its own. Make sure to click the check box in the bottom left-hand corner after you read the license agreement. The download takes about nine minutes on most cable modems.


You will be required to give your name (first and last) and the company you work for (leave this blank if for a personal copy). Every time you open Excel, it will tell you how many days left you have in your trial, and ask you if you want to activate your copy of Windows Excel. When you are ready click yes. You will see a checkout page, where you can purchase your copy with a credit card.




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