How to Move Minutes From One TracFone to Another

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TracFone gives you the benefit of using a cell phone without the hassle of a contract.

TracFone is a cell phone provider that allows users to have cell phone coverage without having to sign a contract. Users can purchase as many minutes as they want for their individual phone without having to keep an account or pay a monthly charge. If you've bought a new phone for your TracFone service but don't want to lose any of your remaining minutes, there's a simple way to transfer them over to your new phone.


Step 1

Call a TracFone Customer Care representative at 800-867-7183. Tell the representative that you'd like to transfer your remaining minutes from one phone to another, and wait for further instructions.

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Step 2

Provide the representative with the serial numbers of your old phone and the phone you would like to have your minutes transferred to. The serial code is usually located under the phone's battery and is usually written in small print.



Step 3

Wait until the representative successfully transfers your unused minutes. The representative will give you an estimate on how long it will take for the minutes to be available. Your minutes should now be transferred.




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