How to Add Minutes to an ATT Prepaid Phone

AT&T prepaid phones are for customers who do not want a yearly contract. Also called GoPhone, AT&T prepaid phones have a certain amount of dollars on them that are prepaid in advance and are used to pay for minutes. If you are running out of minutes on your phone, you can add more money to your phone either online, over the phone, or buy purchasing a prepaid card.

Add money over the phone or on the interenet

Step 1

Go to the GoPhone web page at If you would prefer to add more money to your prepaid phone over the phone rather than on the internet you can call 611 from your prepaid phone, 800-901-9878 from a landline if you are a Pay As You Go Customer or 866-499-7888 if you are a Pick Your Plan customer. You can pay for minutes over the phone using a credit or debit card.

Step 2

Select the link "Refill your minutes with credit or debit card" either under the heading "GoPhone Pick Your Plan Customers" or "GoPhone Pay As You Go Customers," depending on what type of prepaid phone you have. Pick Your Plan customers can choose from four monthly plans and prepay for the plan automatically each month. Each plan has a set number of anytime minutes and weekend/night minutes. If you need to use more than your monthly allotment of minutes, you can add more money to your phone and pay per minute. There are four plans you can choose from as a Pay As You Go customer. The first plan is $3 Unlimited Calling plan, which charges you $3.00 per day each day you use your phone, but all minutes are free. The second is the $1 Mobile to Mobile Plan, which charges you $1 per day each day you use your phone plus 10 cents per minutes. Both the $1 and $3 plans include unlimited mobile-to-mobile talk time. The third is the 25-cent Simple Plan, which does not have a daily fee but charges you 25 cents per minute. The fourth plan is the $60 Unlimited Talk and Text Plan, which is the Simple Plan but includes unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes. All other calls are charged at 25 cents per minute.

Step 3

Click on "Go" to the right of "Refill Minutes Now." On the next page, enter your wireless phone number and click "Continue."

Step 4

Select how many minutes you want to add to your phone, then follow the prompts to pay for the minutes with a credit or debit card. The new minutes will be added to your phone soon after.

Buy Prepaid Refill Cards

Step 1

Go to an AT&T wireless store and purchase a prepaid refill card or a Pay As You Go card. Pay As You Go cards are available for $15, $25, $50, $60, or $100.

Step 2

Look for a PIN number on the back of the refill card.

Step 3

Dial the following number on your prepaid phone to add the dollar amount of the refill card to your prepaid phone balance: _888_PIN NUMBER#. Once you have entered that number, press SEND. You will hear a recording on your phone with your new balance and expiration date.

Things You'll Need

  • Prepaid phone

  • Credit Card

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