How Can You Check the Class on Your MicroSD Card?

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People use MicroSD cards in a number of devices, including cameras and cell phones. These are memory cards and are useful for saving photos and videos. The cards offer a high capacity of storage in a relatively small unit. If you have a MicroSD card, you may want to find out the class of the card so you will know what the transfer speed is. You can find out by inspecting the card.


Step 1

Take your MicroSD card out of the device it is in.

Step 2

Turn the card to the side that has "MicroSD" written on it. The class is located on this part of the card.

Step 3

Look for the "C" that has a number inside of it; it is located under "MicroSD." The number inside the "C" represents the class of your MicroSD card. There are three classes for MicroSD cards: classes 2, 4 and 6. The number represents the transfer speed. For example, if your MicroSD card is a class 2, the transfer speed is 2 megabytes per second.


If the lettering on the card is worn off, you can also find out the class of your MicroSD card by inspecting the original package the card was in when you purchased it.