How Do I Add a Background Watermark to an Outlook Email?

By Paul Higgins

In Outlook 2013, you can add a watermark to a new email's background by opening the Fill Effects window and selecting a suitable watermark saved as an image file. If you do not yet have a watermark image, you can create one by using Word's Watermark feature along with the Windows Snipping Tool.

Creating a Watermark Picture

Step 1

Select **Design** from the Ribbon in Word 2013 and click on the **Watermark** icon to open a list of built-in watermark templates. Click on the template you wish to use. Alternatively, select **Custom Watermark** to create your own.

Step 2

Launch the Snipping Tool 6.3 by opening the Start Screen under Windows 8.1 or the Start Menu under Windows 7, typing **snipping** in the search bar and selecting **Snipping Tool** from the list of results. Click on **New** and drag your mouse cursor on the Word page to select the area that contains the watermark.

Step 3

Save your cropped watermark as an image file by clicking on **Save Snip** in the Snipping Tool toolbar and selecting **JPG** or **PNG** from the Save as Type drop-down menu.

Adding the Watermark to an Email

Step 1

Create a new message in Outlook 2013 and select **Options** from the Ribbon. Click on **Page Color** and select **Fill Effects** to open the Fill Effects window.

Step 2

Open the **Picture** tab and select **Choose Picture.**

Step 3

Click on **Browse** next to From a File to open a File Explorer dialog box and select the image file from your hard drive. As an alternative to selecting a file from your hard drive, Outlook also lets you search for an image on Bing or select a picture from your OneDrive or from your Facebook or Flickr account.

Step 4

Select the file that contains your watermark and click on **Insert.**

Step 5

Click on **OK** to finish adding the watermark to your email.

Tips & Warnings

  • Only email clients that support hypertext markup language emails can display emails with custom backgrounds.
  • The Fill Effects option is available only when composing an HTML email. To switch from a plain text to an HTML email, open the "Format Text" tab in the message editor and select "HTML" from the Format group.