How Do I Block Pop-Ups on My Computer?

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"Pop-ups" are windows that pop up while you are on the Internet, advertising any number of things. These are paid advertisements that are programmed into various pages on the Internet. Some of these ads are put into your computer using spyware or adware and must be removed by running a scan using your spyware protection software. Using pop-up blocking software is the best way to keep them from interfering with your computer.

Why Block Pop-Ups?

Many pop-up windows come up in the background while you're working and quietly sit there until you are done, but a lot of them pop up to the top, interfering with you while you are on the Internet. Some pop-ups spur other pop-ups, which spur more pop-ups. This interfering kind of behavior is the reason that most people want to block them completely. Many Internet browsers have built in pop-up blockers and can be set to block pop-ups of all kinds so you never have to be annoyed by them again.


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Blocking Pop-Ups in Firefox

Firefox has a pop-up blocker built into its software and will quietly block pop-ups while you work. Occasionally, there will be a pop-up that is coming from the page you are working on that you will need to see, such as a login screen or help screen. When this happens, Firefox will alert you at the top of the window to let you know that a pop-up has been blocked. If you have just clicked on something expecting a new window and you see this warning instead, simply click on the button giving Firefox permission to open the window. If your Firefox pop-up blocker has been disabled, simply go to the Tools menu of an open Firefox browser and click on "Options." In the "Content" tab located in the Options window, put a checkmark in the box next to "Block Pop-Up Windows." Firefox will now start blocking pop-ups. If you want to exclude websites from being blocked, you may click on the "Exceptions" button and type in the address of the website that you want to exclude.



Blocking Pop-Ups in Internet Explorer

With your Internet Explorer browser open, use the Tools menu and click "Block Pop-Ups." A checkmark indicates that it is turned on, and clearing the checkmark indicates that the blocker is turned off. To change the settings to include certain sites or to block all the sites, clicking on "Settings" will bring you to another set of choices so you can customize exactly how the pop-up blocker will behave.



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