How Do I Change Memory Card Serial Numbers?

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Memory cards are most commonly used in cameras, phones and other hand-held devices.

A serial number is an identifying code assigned to a piece of hardware. All electronic storage devices, including memory cards, have such a number. If you have reason to change the serial number on your memory card, you will need the VolumeID utility. This free Microsoft program allows you to edit the serial number of any storage device. The changes to your memory card will not be visible until the next time you reboot your computer.


Step 1

Download the VolumeID .zip folder from the Windows Systinternals website (see Resources). Create a new folder on your desktop named "VolumeID." Extract the contents of the .zip folder to the new VolumeID folder.

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Step 2

Insert your memory card into a card reader. Plug the card reader into a free USB port. A pop-up will appear asking if you would like to view the contents of the folder. Select "No." Alternatively, if a window displaying the card's contents appears automatically, close the window. Do not open any files stored on the memory card during this process.


Step 3

Double-click the .exe file within the VolumeID folder to run the program. This will open a command prompt window.


Step 4

Type the following into the command prompt window: "volumeid driveletter: xxxx-xxxx." Replace "driveletter:" with the drive letter of your memory card. Replace "xxxx-xxxx" with the new serial number. Close the window when you're finished.



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