How Do I Connect a PS3 to a Regular DirectTV Receiver?

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PS3s can easily connect to DirecTV receivers.

Sony's PS3 (PlayStation 3) offers an innovative video-gaming experience at home. Although PS3s are usually connected directly to a TV, many gamers prefer to connect the PS3 to a DirecTV receiver instead. This frees up space for connecting other components to the television. In fact, many home theater systems run connections through the DirecTV receiver, so attaching the PS3 to the DirecTV receiver is one way to push the video game audio through the home theater's speakers.


Connection Instructions

Step 1

Look at the DirecTV receiver's rear connection area. Every type of receiver has a different connector configuration, depending on the receiver's age. Common connector outputs are audio/video RCA components, HDMI, and AV multi-out. Determine the receiver's connector type.


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Step 2

Check the connector types on the back of the PS3. The PS3 should only have two connectors, an HDMI and an AV multi-out.

Step 3

Attach the corresponding cable to the PS3 and connect the other end to the DirecTV receiver. Regardless of the cable and connector types, both the audio and video should play through the DirecTV receiver system.


Step 4

Turn the PS3 and DirecTV receiver on. Verify that the television is accessing the PS3 signal through the satellite receiver by tuning to the satellite auxiliary input on the DirecTV receiver's remote control.

Step 5

The PS3's video feed should display on the television. If no audio or video appear automatically, confirm that no wires are loose and that the DirecTV's satellite receiver is turned to its auxiliary connection. This allows the PS3's audio and video to route through the receiver's circuitry onto the television's screen.



Step 6

Once the PS3's video displays on screen, optimize the resolution by accessing the setup menu. Click on "Settings" or "Users" on the PS3's initial video screen. Follow the on-screen instructions for the best video appearance. Any changes in the future are easily adjustable by visiting the setup page again through "Settings" or "Users."

Things You'll Need

  • PlayStation 3

  • DirecTV receiver

  • Audio/video cable

  • Television


Resetting the PS3's video output may help bring its display up onto the television's screen. Shut the PS3 off. Depress the power button for at least 5 seconds. The system should beep twice, signaling a reset of the video output. Turn the DirecTV and television on. The PS3's video and audio should display correctly.


Do not attempt to access the internal components of either the PS3 or DirecTV receiver. This action voids any factory warranties. Internal components may become damaged from static electricity discharges, causing failure of the PS3 or receiver.