How do I Convert RCA Red White Yellow to a Coax Cable Output?

By Richard Klopfenstein

Composite cables were the standard "better" way to connect an audio/video device to a television in the 1990s. A cable consisted of three channels: yellow for video, white for left-side audio and red for right-side audio. Coaxial cables are the standard connection method currently used in television. The cable has only one connector, instead of the three in a composite cable. Connecting composite cables (red, white and yellow) to coaxial is simple but requires an additional device.

Things You'll Need

  • Composite cables
  • Coaxial input
  • Coaxial cable

Locating & Connecting an Adapter/Modulator

Step 1

Visit your local electronics retail store to find a "composite to coaxial adapter/modulator." The device may run from $10 to $20. Alternatively, buy it online, but be sure the product performs the function you want.

Step 2

Connect the composite cables to the correct inputs on the adapter/modulator. Connect the adapter cable to your TV (via the extra coaxial cable).

Step 3

Turn on all your devices and search channels 3 to 4 on your TV for the video.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some adapters/modulators have extra requirements (for example: a DC power supply). Be sure to follow your device's instructions for proper setup.