How Do I Create a Check Box in OpenOffice?

Other people can check or uncheck the boxes and save the document.
Image Credit: delta_art/iStock/Getty Images

Make it easier for your readers to check items in a list by inserting check boxes in your OpenOffice documents. Check boxes created by a form control are clickable, and you can even select their default state: checked or unchecked. If you don't need the check box to be clickable, you can use an image instead of a form control. The Web is full of check box images, so you have a broad set of choices. You can also insert a check box by using a special character.

Create a Check Box Using Form Controls

Step 1

Launch OpenOffice Writer and open an existing document or create a new one. Click "View," select "Toolbars" and click the "Form Controls" option to display the Form Controls toolbox.

Step 2

Click the "Design Mode On/Off" button in the Form Controls toolbox to unlock the controls and then click the "Check Box" button.

Step 3

Click and drag with your mouse to create a check box. Resize it using the resize handles and reposition it by clicking on its center and dragging it on the page.

Step 4

Double-click the inside of the control to display its Properties window. You can change the name of the control in the Name field. To disable the control, select "No" from the "Enabled" drop-down box; the control is not clickable when it is disabled. To set the default value of the check box, select "Selected" or "Not Selected" from the "Default status" drop-down box. You can manually input the width and height of the control into the Height and Width fields. Change the font of the control from the "Font" drop-down box and its style -- Flat or 3D -- from the "Style" drop-down box. Click the "X" icon to close the Properties window.

Step 5

Click the "Design Mode On/Off" button in the Form Controls toolbox to finish editing the control. The control becomes clickable. Save the document by pressing "Ctrl-S."

Insert a Check Box Graphic

Step 1

Download a check box image from the Web. If you search "check box" on Google, you have the option to view only images by clicking the "Images" link. To save an image, right-click it and choose "Save Image As" from the context menu.

Step 2

Launch OpenOffice, open the document you want to edit, click "Insert," select "Picture" and click "From File." Select the image you downloaded from the Web and click "Open" to insert it into your document. The image will probably be too large, so you'll need to resize it.

Step 3

Use the resize handles in the corners of the image to resize the picture. Hold "Shift" while resizing to constrain the proportions of the image and avoid distorting it. Click inside the image and move it around the page to reposition it.


You can prevent OpenOffice from printing the check box by double-clicking it when the "Design Mode On/Off" button is pressed and then selecting "No" from the "Printable" drop-down box.

You can change the background color of the check box by opening its Properties window and then selecting a color from the "Background color" drop-down box.

You can change the wrapping settings of the picture by right-clicking it, selecting "Wrap" and choosing a wrapping setting. To wrap text around the image, select "Page wrap." To position the image over text, select "Wrap through."

You can insert a check box in the document using a special character. Hold "Alt" and type "9745" (without the quotation marks) using the numeric keypad to insert a checked check box character.