How Do I Edit Work Information on Facebook?

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You can include an abbreviated version of your resume on Facebook.
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The About portion of your Facebook profile contains sections for work and education, places you've lived, contact and basic information, family and relationships, life events and other details you want your friends to know about you. To edit the work information, sign in to Facebook and select your name to display your profile. Choose "About" and then choose "Work and Education." Hover your mouse over a current workplace, select "Options" and choose "Edit." Make the appropriate changes and select "Save Changes." You can delete an entry by selecting "Delete" when you hover your mouse over a workplace.


Adding a New Workplace

To add a new workplace, select "Add a Workplace" and enter your position, the city or town where the company is located, a description of your job and the dates when you worked there. If the new workplace represents your current employer, check the box labeled "I currently work here." Choose "Save Changes."


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Privacy Settings for Work Information

You can determine who can view each workplace in the Work section of your profile. Select the People icon when you're adding or editing a workplace and identify who can view the workplace information, such as "Friends" or "Friends of Friends."




If you have trouble editing the information, use a different browser or disable your browser add-ins before you edit your Facebook profile. You can also try a different computer or a mobile version of Facebook.




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