Why Doesn't It Say My Birthday on Facebook?

By Marina Martin

Facebook allows you to control which portions of your profile are visible to the public, your friends and even particular lists of friends. Hiding your birth year keeps your age private while still allowing people to send you birthday wishes. If your birthday is not visible on your profile, you can make it appear by toggling your account settings.

Enter Your Birthday

Facebook can't display your birthday if it doesn't know when it is. Log into Facebook and click "Edit My Profile." Confirm or enter your birthday in the "Birthday" field under "Basic Information." Click "Save Changes."

Toggle Birthday Display

The drop-down list next to the "Birthday" field lets you toggle your birthdate visibility. Choose to display your entire birthdate, hide your entire birthdate or just display your birth month and day while hiding the year. If Facebook isn't displaying your birthday, make sure this field is not set to "Don't show my birthday in my profile." Click "Save Changes" to save your settings.

Selectively Display Your Birthday

Your privacy settings may restrict certain friends or lists of friends from seeing your birthday. Choose "Privacy Settings" under "Account." Click "Customize Settings" to see your current birthday visibility setting. The drop-down list next to "Birthday" lets you select between everyone -- public -- friends of friends, just friends or a customized setup. If you have "Custom" selected, click the drop-down menu and choose "Customize" to see your current settings. You can block individual Facebook users or everyone on one of your Facebook friend lists from seeing your birthdate by putting the friend or list name in the "Block" box. Clear the "Block" box to allow everyone to see your birthday.

Where Facebook Displays Your Birthday

Once you enter your birthdate and set the drop-down box to make it visible, Facebook displays your birthdate in your basic profile information summary at the top of your profile page. On the day of your birthday, Facebook shows your name in your friends' sidebar with a reminder that it's your birthday.