How to Find People on Facebook by Employers

By Paul Higgins

Learn how to search for Facebook users currently working for a specific company or organization, either by using the mobile app or the Facebook website.

In addition to letting you find people based on where they live or where they studied, Facebook allows you to search for people currently working for a specific company or organization. Find people on Facebook by employers by using the search box in the mobile app or by using the Employer filter on your computer.


Facebook users add their current employer to their profiles on a voluntary basis. Searching for people working for a specific company therefore only lets you find people who have opted to disclose that information.

Search on the Mobile App

Step 1

Tap the search box at the top of the app.

Step 2

Facebook search screen.

Type people working at X, where X is the employer's name, and touch Go.


Facebook displays search suggestions as you type in the search box. If one or several other companies use the same name as the one you are looking for, select the correct one from the search suggestions.

Step 3

Facebook search results with See More link highlighted.

Tap See More to view the full search results list.

Step 4

Facebook search results with Add Friend icon highlighted.

Touch the Add Friend icon next to a user's name to send her a friend request. Alternatively, tap her name or photo to view her profile.

Search on the Facebook Website

Step 1

Facebook home page, with Find Friends link highlighted.

Click the Find Friends link at the top of any Facebook page.

Step 2

Find Friends page, with Employer field highlighted.

Enter the employer's name in the Employer field and either press Enter or select one of the search suggestions. Facebook then displays a list of users working for that company or organization.


Refine the search results by using the other filters on the page, such as High School, Current City or Name.