How to Find People in Your Area on Facebook

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Chances are, there are many people on Facebook who you know, but aren't connected to yet. Facebook makes it possible for you to locate these individuals by allowing you to search by location, workplace and school. Therefore, if you want to find people you know in your area -- or simply want to make new friends -- all you need to do is enter your desired location into the search box to pull up a list of individuals who match your search criteria.


Step 1

Click on the "Friends" link in the left menu bar of your news feed. This will bring you to the "Add Personal Contacts as Friends" page.

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Step 2

Scroll down the page until you see the "Other Tools" option. Highlight and click on "Other Tools" to bring up a variety of other options for finding friends on Facebook.


Step 3

Click on the option for finding friends, classmates and coworkers.

Step 4

Choose a recommended city underneath the "Hometown" or "Current City" menu headings or enter the city name of your choice into one of the fields.


Step 5

Press "Enter" on your keyboard to process your search. When complete, your search results will appear on the screen.




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