Sharing a Linkedin Profile on a Facebook Page

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LinkedIn can also import contacts from Twitter to expand your profile.
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You can share your LinkedIn profile on Facebook using a few different methods. Connect with new contacts using the Facebook application, or make a post directly to your Facebook page to make sure your profile gets out to your fans. If you are a member of a LinkedIn group, you can also promote your profile with a relevant link by sharing posts from the group with your fans.


LinkedIn App

LinkedIn built an application for Facebook that searches your Facebook contacts for people who may not be connected to your LinkedIn profile. You can quickly send invitations to them, and also to any additional contacts associated with the email address you use for Facebook. Type "LinkedIn" into your search bar and click on the application. Authorize the application to connect to LinkedIn, and then select the Facebook friends and contacts that you would like to share your profile with. When you have completed all six steps, you can close the app and return to LinkedIn.

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Post to Facebook

You can find a public link for your LinkedIn profile at any point from your profile page. Just below your picture and your introduction is the URL to your publicly accessible LinkedIn page. Select the URL and copy it to your clipboard. Paste it into a post for your Facebook page to distribute your profile as a standard Wall post.


Sharing LinkedIn Groups

If you are a member of an open group on LinkedIn, members who join this group can view publicly available information about your profile. Status updates from this group, including links posted, can be shared on Facebook. Click "Share Group" and select "Share on Facebook." Select whether you want to share the group on your timeline, or with someone specific, and then click "Share" to make the post.



Privacy Concerns

Be careful sharing your profile publicly on Facebook. Connecting your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles could have unintended consequences that may hurt your business or your chances of employment in the present or future. You should review your Facebook timeline, and any information on your LinkedIn page to make sure that you are comfortable sharing all aspects of these pages with everyone.



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