How to Do an Advanced Search on Facebook

By Robert Schrader

Facebook gives you the opportunity to stay in contact -- and up-to-date -- with friends, family members and colleagues you might not see on a regular basis. The social media utility is also a powerful tool for locating friends and other personal associates with whom you've lost touch. If you can't find someone simply by searching for him by name, make use of Facebook's "Advanced Search" tools to use more specific parameters to locate him.

Step 1

Type the name of the person, page or group for which you're searching in Facebook's top Search field. Click the Magnifying Glass icon to be taken to your results.

Step 2

Move your mouse over the menu to the left side of your search results. Click the category -- "People," "Pages" or "Apps," for example -- that best corresponds to the item for which you're searching.

Step 3

Filter your results for "People" by their geographical location, school or employer. Drop-down the menu at the top of your search results and select either "Location," "Education" or "Work." Type in the name of a city or region, school or university or company. Click "Filter" to view only people who correspond to the parameter you set.

Tips & Warnings

  • Several Facebook applications with names like "Advanced Search" or "Facebook Advanced Search" exist -- but none of these are sponsored by or affiliated with Facebook. Using them won't do harm to your computer or your Facebook account, but they're also not guaranteed to provide more precise results than an advance search using Facebook.