How to Create Subgroups in Facebook in a Page

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Targeting posts directs your message to those most likely to use your services.
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Identifying sub-groups on your business's Facebook page enables you to target posts to specific followers. You may target by several sub-strata, including age, gender, geographic location and marital status. By targeting posts to sub-groups, you can pass information on to one group, but not others. A wedding photographer may choose to target recently-engaged followers to offer special discounts or services, while a restaurant owner may seek to advertise the daily specials to local residents. Targeting posts by sub-groups requires that you have administrative rights to your page and Privacy Gating enabled.


Step 1

Log on to your Facebook page and click the "Edit Page" option and then select "Manage Permissions." Check the box next to the "Post Privacy Gating" option and click "Save Changes" to enable Privacy gating on your page.

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Step 2

Create a post on your page and click the "Add Targeting" button. Select one or more targeting filters to determine which sub-groups you wish to target. Each filter has several options, such as "Male" and "Female" in the "Gender" filter.



Step 3

Click "Post" to post the message to your wall. Those targeted will see this post in their news feed, while those who are not targeted will not see the post.




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