How Do I Find My LinkedIn URL?

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Edit your URL's display and customize this link to promote your profile.
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Search for your LinkedIn URL with your public profile settings. Update your settings and select the preferred privacy level to show or hide your URL. For example, if your profile is set to "visible to everyone," it will display your URL and enable you to expand your online network. Customize your URL to make the text more meaningful, such as a shortened version of your full name. LinkedIn also offers a gallery of badges with your URL to insert in your electronic signature and open your crafted profile to your viewers.


Search Your Profile

Click the "Profile" menu on your page to display your photo and background section. Your URL displays under your photo next to the tiny logo and starts with or for U.S. accounts. If this URL is not visible, point over the "Profile" menu, select "Edit Profile" and then click the "Publish your public profile" link under your photo to open your Public Profile. Your URL displays in the Your Current URL section. Select the "Make my public profile visible to everyone" radio button in the Public Content section to update your page with your URL. Copy this link by selecting it and pressing "Ctrl-C," then paste it by pressing "Ctrl-V" in your document or website. As an alternative, right-click the link and click "Copy link address" from the contextual menu.


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Customize Your URL

LinkedIn also enables you to customize your URL with the edit settings. Point over the "Profile" menu, select "Edit Profile" and click the "Edit" or "Publish your public profile" link under your photo to open your Public Profile. Click "Customize your public profile URL" in the Your Current URL section to open the dialog box. Enter the preferred text consisting of five to 30 letters or numbers in the field. Click "Set Custom URL" to update your URL link. LinkedIn allows you to update your URL a maximum of three times in six months. To create a profile button, click the "Create a profile badge" link in the Profile Badges section to open the gallery of button styles and HTML code for your unique URL.




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